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Headquartered in Beijing, China Reform Fund Management Co.,Ltd (“China Reform Fund”) is a professional private equity investment firm that sponsored by China Reform Holdings Corporation Ltd(“CRHC”) together with other Central State-Owned enterprises and social institutional investors.
The firm was established in August 2014 and in accord with “Regulations for the Supervision and Administration of Private Investment Funds”, and successfully registered with Asset Management Association of China. The Private Equity Fund Manager Registration Certificate was obtained in October 2014 with a serial number of P1004745.

CRHC, the founder and controlling shareholder of China Reform Fund, is a stated-owned assets management corporation under direct supervision from central government. As an asset management platform, CRHC is mainly engaged in pushing forward central state-owned enterprise’s reform and restructuring process, assisting in enhancing their core competences and participating in their IPO transactions or non-public joint stock reform. It also make strategic investments in new emerging industries as well as other sectors related to national security and economic lifelines.

China Reform Fund currently has one RMB fund - China Reform Investment Fund I (Limited Partnership), with a total RMB 5 billion assets under management. We have successfully completed two transactions since September 16, 2014.The investor base of our funds comprises investors from state-owned companies as well as private enterprises. With our fundraising efforts, an Umbrella Fund consists of Venture Capital Fund, Nuclear Industry Fund, M&A Fund and Fixed Income Fund is carried out smoothly. 

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